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HR Solutions

Offering you access to online and live HR representatives who can answer all of your human resources questions.

Employer Support- Integrated HR solutions supported by live HR experts.

  • Comply- Resource center for all of your workforce and compliance issues. Keeps your business current with need-to-know news and analysis of employment laws, ACA, legislative updates, and compliance changes.
    • Q&A Database
    • Employee Handbook Builder
    • Compensation Tools
    • Job Description Builder
    • White Paper Library
  • Learn- On demand training courses for employees
  • Classification Tools- Clear explanations of applicable tests, the significance of each element of the business/worker or employer/employee relationship, and a fillable form to document and record all pertinent data and assessments.

HR Audit Checklist- Highlights the key areas of human resources activities that could pose risks to the business if not done or if managed improperly. With your responses, the questionnaire will provide you with more information about what, why, and how each topic is important in your risk mitigation program.

ACA Manager- A large scale ACA compliance solution for your company. Unites comprehensive benefits administration technology with a compliance solution designed to mitigate risks and safeguard you from costly penalties.

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